Shoulder Pain Treatments

Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your entire body, making it vulnerable to various injuries. Repetitive stress on this joint can lead to arthritis, and this isn't taking into account the other injuries that can affect the shoulders. Fortunately, no matter whether you have an acute injury or chronic condition, Dr. Gerald Dickson can assist in his Warren, OH, office. 

Causes of Shoulder Pain

One cause of shoulder pain may be a repetitive-use injury. Over time, this stress wears out the soft tissue, resulting in issues like tendinitis or bursitis. These injuries could stem from playing sports or your labor at your job. On the other hand, you can also suffer from a sudden injury, like a sprain or dislocation.

For some people, the cause of shoulder pain is a chronic condition that affects the joint. For example, osteoarthritis is degeneration of the joint’s cartilage. Another possible cause of a chronic shoulder injury is fibromyalgia, which is a condition that causes widespread pain. It also may contribute to fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood issues. 

How Our Practitioner Helps With Shoulder Pain

Our chiropractic specialist may recommend a joint adjustment. During this treatment, our practitioner manually, yet gently, repositionsthe joint to its natural position, optimizing nerve function. 

Another possible treatment option for shoulder pain that our Warren, OH, practitioner may provide is chiropractic exercise. With this treatment, our chiropractor guides you through stretches that work the shoulder joint to optimize its range of motion. 

Some of our treatments are more to reduce inflammation. For instance, interferential stimulation is a treatment that consists of sending minute amounts of electrical current to an area. It naturally stimulates hormone production for healing and pain relief as well as blood flow. 

Another treatment we use is cold laser therapy. This treatment emits light energy directed at the area. Non-thermal light is sent to the area to promote healing by targeting the light-sensitive cells in the region. 

Massage therapy is another possible treatment, which consists of manually stimulating the soft tissue to relieve pain. 

At Gentle Chiropractic, serving Warren, OH, and the nearby region, Dr. Dickson provides assistance to those who have shoulder pain. Those who have acute injuries may heal, while those with chronic ones can better manage them and slow progression.

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